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  • Peter Shelly

Philadelphia eyes proposal to ban "skill games"

The following excerpt is from Axios.

Philadelphia wants to put the kibosh on so-called "skill game" machines that populate stores throughout the city.

Why it matters: Councilmember Curtis Jones, the main sponsor of the proposal, said these machines operate outside of state regulations with little oversight in places like corner stores.

  • These "bandit machines" — which accept cash or give out cash rewards — are plaguing communities and leading to crime around businesses that offer them, Jones said.

Between the lines: Skill games, which look like video slot machines, aren’t subject to the same regulatory processes as Pennsylvania Lottery games, officials said during a June state Senate hearing.

  • The machines, which are often untaxed and can pay out cash every week, are increasing in number and popping up in malls, convenience stores and other places in the state.

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