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  • Peter Shelly

Sledgehammer, not skill, behind wave of Pa. ‘games of skill’ thefts

The following excerpt is from PennLive.

Instead of skill, this trio of suspected thieves allegedly wielded a sledgehammer to force the convenience store gaming machines produce cash. 6ABC cites its sources in reporting Philadelphia police have arrested three men who they believe are connected with a ring of thefts targeting Pennsylvania games of skill machines using a sledgehammer.

A police spokesperson told 6ABC the three suspects, all from Philadelphia, are identified as Tyreek Holmes, 32, Russell Mason-Watts, 20, and Marcus Evans, 36.

They were not immediately charged in the case. But 6ABC cites police sources in reporting the suspects are believed by police to be the same trio who have been hitting area convenience stores and gas stations, wielding a sledgehammer to destroy the cash boxes attached to the skill game machines.

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